About me

What to say about me, beside the fact, that I feel attracted to knit since a couple of years. I learned all the basic things in school … knitting, crochet, sewing and much more. I designed my own dresses, knitted jumpers for myself and later for my husband and had a lot of fun with all the creative stuff … but one day I stopped doing all these. It took me a while to find me and the knitting again 🙂
Now I have a kind of addiction to socks … thick ones, that you can wear inside the house, thinner ones for wearing inside the shoes and little ones for babies and kids … Also I love knitting scarfs, mittens, leg warmers, hats (o.k. also from time to time a jumper) .. all this kind of accessories that keeps you warm in the winter. And to put them in a nicely “bag” when I made them as a gift, a little crochet net or little bag is made for them as well.
Knitting is a kind of meditation practice for me … my personell retreat. Having a cup of hot tea, soft music and a bunch of yarn that is “telling” me, what it would like to be and what kind of pattern would perfectly match. A state of bliss where creativity is flowing.

Happy knitting       Dorothea