Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Another year is ready to say farewell and the next year is already waiting for us to explore all its unique moments. It is the rhythm of life …. and it includes death as well …. The day is dying so the night can be born and then the night is dying for the day to rise up again. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are coming and going and each season has its special gift to share with all Beings during their “lifetime”…. year after year we celebrate the end of the year and we welcome the new one with a lot of hope, a list of things we want to change and maybe some dreams we want to follow …. things we want to do, we are just waiting for the right moment to appear. Moments are so fragile, so precious and we are missing them most of the time while waiting for the right one …. This moment, yes, this moment you are reading this words, this is the most important one right now …. be present whatever you may do, be there with your heart and pay attention to what is going on around you… Fear, doubts and hatred need to die to give birth to unconditional love, compassion and gratefulness.

My wishes for us all: may we all be able to see the beauty in everybody and everything that surrounds us in each single moment …. may we embrace our uniqueness to stand together hand in hand … heart to heart…. may love be your guidance.

Namaste and SatNam



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