The secret teachings of a jumper

Knitting a jumper was not on my list of “What’s my next knitting project?”, but life is full of surprises. I was invited to a friends house for a welcome the new season lunch. One of those beautiful moments you share love, joy and happiness … and amazing Italian/Greek food.  After the desert out of the blue my friend asked me if I could knit a jumper for her. Not just a jumper, it should be a copy of her favorite one and preferably  in a navy blue colour and with a very special neck (that for her was the most important part). Why not? It should be a simple pattern, only knit stitches, raglan sleeves and a turtle neck. A little measurements and I was sure, that will be an easy-going jumper … I would knit it top down to be flexible with the length …. in one piece and the last step would be the neck.

So the project startet … Finding the matching blue 100 % wool was the first thing to do, creating a gauche the second and to adapt this to the future jumper the third one. Yes, to knit a fitting jumper also requires some maths skills 🙂

Full of enthusiasm I began my new project, knitting upside down, counting rows, increasing stitches, putting the stitches for the sleeves on separate needles, continuing the body part up to the point it was long enough… me an my jumper we were in the flow till we reached the point of knitting the sleeves …trumpet sleeves, flared and longer than the sample … by reaching the sleeves the summer arrived … it was hot, very hot and counting stitches and rows, back and forth, up and down I was sweating like crazy… Against all odds I motivated myself with the Mantra “I can do it” …. And yes, after some more sweaty days it was done. The only thing what was left now,  the very last part, was the neck. It took me 3 various attempts to knit, to unravel, to knit, to unravel, to knit … and  …. the perfect and desired neck found its way to reality … Hurra!!!!

And what was it that the jumper taught me?

Be patient …. believe in you … take your time without rushing… getting ready is not the aim …. enjoying the process and having fun while knitting stich after stich and even doing the maths 🙂 … Sometimes you have to step back to get another perspective … to get out of your own way … and most important: Never give up … don’t take things or yourself too serious … follow you intuition and don’t listen to your thoughts … whatever you want to do, you can do!

Be open to the endless possibilities you have … here and now!

A special THANK YOU to my friend, who gave me the opportunity to experience this beautiful lesson while knitting her unique jumper. Love you!

Love and blessings


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