Trust in the process of life

You can experience and learn so many things about life in so many different ways just by staying open to what else is possible. I recently was taught by an incredible “ZEN-Master” about trusting the process of life ….

Some weeks ago out of the blue I became a part time cat mother of two little adorable kittens. They dropped into my life at an age of 5 to 6 weeks. A little boy and a cute girl, both with a similar tiger appearance. Standing in my bathroom I heard a soft moaning outside. When I went outside I saw these two kittens and as I got closer, one of them dropped from the wall while trying looking over the edge. I immediatly picked it up and fortunately it was not injured … cats have seven lifes, so obviously one was used for this little adventure 🙂
I placed the tiny little girl back on the wall to be with its brother but both of them start walking to the edge again. Not sure, if they wanted to play with me the game of “you put me back on the wall and I walk towards the edge to jump” but I felt uncomfortable leaving them there …. my first lesson about trust 🙂 … I decided to put them in a box, filled with an old pillow to be safe and warm during the night. The mother cat was not there so I tried to find her. I knew her and she is also an adorable cat. Back in April she already gave birth to three other kittens.

In that night when I found the two babies, the mother didn’t came, and I was really worried about the small ones. The next morning all over sudden, she appeared and I thought “Great, now she will take care of her” but after a few days she left again. So I started to feed the little ones.  They start reacting to my voice, were running after me, climbing up my legs to discover the world from above … Their mother came one more time and she looked terrible. A big wound was on the right site of her head, big scratches and she was so skinny. Of course the little ones tried to drink some milk from her but she was not obviously not able to give milk. She looked at me and watched her babies running after me. I went inside to get some food for the mother and when I came outside she was gone again. I went to find her in order to help but nothing… I was left with the kittens once again ….. so I did whatever was possible for me to do. The little ones challenged me in many ways but they also gave me a lot of joy. Watching them playing together or trying to climb up my jeans …. so heart opening and a lovely way to stay in the present moment …. another lesson ….

And then the miracle happened. After weeks the mother cat came back … fully recovered, the wound on her head was healed and I was so happy. It was a beautiful reunion …. and a relief for me as well …. the next morning while meditating outside the mother  and the kittens joined me and wanted to sit on my laps. The mother never did this before as she is a free spirit and far away from being domesticated. By the way, this is why I love them. … but this is another story 🙂 … Back to my cat family that now was laying on my laps all together, purring ….  I felt this deep gratitude and suddenly I understood: She never abandoned the babies, she just wanted to be sure that the kittens will be safe while she retreated to recover in order to get healthy and to take care of them properly on her own. My next lesson to learn ..”. Loving someone means to take care of yourself first….

And the first time in my life I really felt it in my heart, that my mum never abandoned me and my brother, she always loved us. She has had her reasons to left us with my grandparents because she knew there we will be safe.  That was the biggest lessons I have learned from my cat family that morning.

Trust in the process of life without trying to analyse or to judge or to try to control the outcome….. thanks for this beautiful lesson taught by a wonderful cat mother and her kittens.


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