The Art of giving and receiving

Giving and receiving is something that we all do, every day. And not only when we pay money to buy things that we would like to have or need like food. And I am also not talking about the balance on your account 🙂 … what I am talking about are all the beautiful things that can be given from our heart … time we share with friends, family … an open ear, when somebody needs it …   a hug, a smile or even just your presence without saying anything. Especially in times that seems to be difficult for another being to reach out your hand and your heart to the other one is one of the greatest gift you can share … Being compassionate and not judgmental….Giving them the space to explore themselves in the myst of darkness, self-doubt, hopelessness or whatever it is, that the other person needs at this specific moment. In such moments its not only the other person who receives it is also YOU! Have you ever experienced such moments? Then you know, what I am talking about … and if not … you might want to try it one day. But be careful: If your intention is not pure, if it is not coming out of your heart, it will not work.

Wishing you a sparkling weekend!

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