Color your Life

Have you ever noticed by how many different colours you are surrounded in each moment? Nature is one of the biggest supplier of any kind of colours you can imagine. The shades of blue that you can see in the sky, in the water or the different types of green, brown, yellow, purple, red and so on. And I remember my grandma telling me, that my green shirt and the blue trousers can not go together…  but I saw this combination every day in our garden, so I followed Mother Earth 🙂 

For me colours are joy, fun, happiness and the love for life. And this includes black and white as well. Bringing different colours toegether to create a new knitting project or just choose one colour is always a process of allowance and intuition. I touch the yarn and I knew that this will be the perfect match. The yarn then unfolds it’s purpose through my needles. The long wool cord transforms into a pair of socks, a jumper, a poncho, a scarf, a beanie, some mittens or whatever wants to emerge… from the wool and out of me … 

Enjoy the colours of life, nature and maybe one day you realise that you are also a part of the colours of life … in your own, unique way…

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