You can count on me

Why is it important to knit a gauge before you start your knitting project? If you would like your pullover, jumper, socks etc. fitting, a gauge should be the first step. It is the base, the foundation of your project.

What a gauge is? A little square (10 x 10 cm) knitted in the pattern you have chosen for your lovely knitting project. The size of the needle depends on the yarn and if you knit more loose or tide.  If your gauge is ready you can use your mathematics skills to calculate how many stitches you need for 10 cm and how many rows are necessary to reach your favourite  length….  you can count on your gauge and avoid to unravel your work due to a poor fitting. 

You wouldn’t build a house without having a good foundation and calculating the statics šŸ˜Š It is the same with your knitting project.


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