Knitting Meditation

For me knitting always was a kind of meditativ approach, even though when I learned how to knit (years ago at school :-))  I was far away from knowing what meditation is about. I had no clue, that meditation one day would be my personal way of living neither knitting could even play a tiny role in my life.

But … they do! Meditation is my life and knitting became my passion and the best: None of them exclude the other one. It is quite the opposite and a lot of studies have been done since a couple of years to find out more about the healthy benefits of knitting i.e. relief of pain, increase memory and so on. An interesting point of view – isn’t it?

Some people might need the proof for the benefits to believe in other possibilities and that is completely fine. Some others might complain, that in their case it increases their  stress level or cause tension in their body. Also this is o.k.

The only thing that matters is YOU and how you feel about it. Each of us has its own gift, its own calling, so follow your heart and listen to your inner guidance and enjoy your unique journey! How does it get any better then this.

If you are interested in the knitting studies etc. explore this beautiful website: Stitchlinks

“Our work is teaching valuable lessons in terms of the importance of creativity, rhythmic movement, social contact, rewarding occupation, and how simple things like texture and colour can raise mood. We are using this knowledge to develop affordable, long-term ways of managing health and enhancing wellbeing and we are already expanding to suggest other activities to try. “ (Source:


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