The secret teachings of a jumper

Knitting a jumper was not on my list of “What’s my next knitting project?”, but life is full of surprises. I was invited to a friends house for a welcome the new season lunch. One of those beautiful moments you share love, joy and happiness … and amazing Italian/Greek food.  After the desert out of…

Trust in the process of life

You can experience and learn so many things about life in so many different ways just by staying open to what else is possible. I recently was taught by an incredible “ZEN-Master” about trusting the process of life …. Some weeks ago out of the blue I became a part time cat mother of two…

The Art of giving and receiving

Giving and receiving is something that we all do, every day. And not only when we pay money to buy things that we would like to have or need like food. And I am also not talking about the balance on your account 🙂 … what I am talking about are all the beautiful things…

Inspired by Joy

Sitting in the front yard of my house, listening to the sound of nature, caressed by the soft touch of the wind while the early morning sun warms my face. My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.

You can count on me

Why it is so important to knit a gauge before you start your knitting project? It is for sure the first step to do in order to create a perfectly fitting knitwear. What a gauge is? A little knitted square (10 x 10 cm) knitted in the pattern you have chosen for your lovely knitting project. The size of the needle depends on the yarn and on the way you knit (loose or tide).